As a little girl Ann Weller was setting fairy-tales into music on her piano. Today she writes songs together with producer and guitarist Boris Meinhold and drummer Benny Glass. Her warm, fragile voice and her classically influenced piano style are enveloped in minimalistic drum grooves and a mystic-surf guitar. It shines through that the band is resident within the Berlin electronic club scene.
Maybe it is classical music melting with wave music. Or Jim Jarmusch teams up with Michel Gondry. Sometimes it is drama but nonetheless too unvarnished to be kitsch.

Ann & Bones evoke sensations turning ordinary places into movie scenes, an invitation to a night without an end. Their debut single Elope, originally commissioned by filmmaker Judith Angerbauer, is the theme song to the motion picture Sonnwende.
Elope EP with two originals and the remixes of Hannes Fischer and Johannes Brecht has been released in January 2017 on the label Best's Friends.

"Ann & Bones music is the perfect soundtrack for nocturnal cruises through the metropolis, provoking every club in Berlin that tonight, something will happen - most definitely.“